SAS Citric Decal

Citric acid powder for decalcification of hemodialysis machines

SAS Citric Decal is used to avoid clogging of the dialytic lines from calcium deposits which would interfere with the machine’s performance in the dialysis process. SAS Citric Decal is available in powder form so it can be used as needed.


  • To remove calcium deposits that stick to the dialysis line (decalcification) so as to extend the life of the machine.
  • As a Heat Disinfectant (heat disinfectant) for the dialytic line of the hemodialysis machine

How To Use:

  • To get 30% solution dissolve 1 sack with RO 5L water ad
  • To get a 50% solution dissolve 1 sack with RO 3L water ad


  • Citric Acd 1500 gr
  • Malic Acid 125 gr
  • Adjuvant qs
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