SAS 4000

The SAS 4000 hemodialysis machine has been tested for reliability and safety. This machine is user-friendly and comfortable to use during hemodialysis and sequential dialysis treatments.

This hemodialysis machine is manufactured by SWS Hemodialysis Care Co., Ltd from Chongqing, China and already has CMD certification (ISO 13485: 2003), SFDA certification and CE certification.

SAS 4000 hemodialysis machine is similar to SWS 4000A brand hemodialysis machine. This machine has been used in more than 1000 hospitals in China. In Europe and Africa, this machine is known as the Dialife brand. In Indonesia, more than 150 units of this machine have been installed in hospitals and clinics.


HD, IUF, Sequential Dialysis, HP


  • Double safety monitoring system
  • Leaks are monitored by hydraulic system leakage monitoring system
  • The safety of the return of blood to the patient is supported by ultrasonic and optical monitors on the venous line
  • The daily disinfectant mode can be adjusted
  • Monitoring system for AP, VP, and TMP (early detection signal)
  • Equipped with double-stage endotoxin filtration so that the fluid substitution reaches AAMI standards


  • Convenience of the dialysis process, patient treatment files can be stored
  • Individual treatment mode that stores various values ​​for UF rate, heparin rate, dialysate flow rate, and so on
  • Technical Features:
  • 12.1 inch LCD with touch screen
  • Dialysate mixing control system and volume balance control system for UF accuracy control
  • The dialysate formula can be adjusted depending on the needs
  • HP Isolated Mode, shortens test time and reduces excess dialysate
  • Ultra-pure dialysate supply, KT / V calculation
  • Backup power supply for 30 minutes during power failure
  • Blood pressure monitor, bicarbonate cartridge (optional)

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