Established in 2001, starting as a distributor of medicines and medical devices, since 2011 we have developed ourselves to become a producer of concentrate and other products related to hemodialysis.
  1. 1
    V i s i o n

    Our vision is to become a quality-assured producer of concentrates and hemodialysis equipment so as to provide solutions to replace imported products.

  2. 2
    M i s i o n
    • Producing concentrates and hemodialysis equipment with international quality standards and at relatively cheaper prices.
    • Providing fast and reliable services to reach all existing health service facilities.
    • Providing convenience in services by prioritizing the interests of the sufferer.
  3. 3
    Main Products and Agency
    • Hemodialysis Concentrates: Acid Concentrate, Bicarbonate Concentrate, Bicarbonet Powder which can be used with machines of Fresenius, Gambro, Jihua, Toray, Obers, etc.
    • Disinfectants (Citriq Liq and Satolin): Disinfectants that simultaneously clean the concentrate / dialysate line of the hemodialysis machine and re-sterilize the Dialyzer so that it can be used again in the same patient.
    • Medical device agency products in the form of hemodialysis machines, Dialyzer, Blood Line, AV Fistula, Bigbag Bicarbonate Powder for Fresenius with guaranteed quality and very competitive prices.
  4. 4
    Investment Cooperation

    We can also do investment cooperation to organize hemodialysis units with hospital institutions and individuals.