About Us

Welcome to the PT. Sing Aji Sentosa Website


This company was founded in 2001, initially as a distributor of medicines and medical devices, since 2011 we have developed ourselves to become a producer of concentrate and other products related to hemodialysis.

Currently we continue to strive to improve product quality by developing production techniques and tightening controls with procedures that meet existing regulatory standards.

Apart from being a manufacturer, our company is also an agent / importer of medical devices in the form of hemodialysis machines and comsumables with guaranteed quality and very competitive prices.


Our vision is to become a quality-assured producer of concentrates and hemodialysis equipment so as to provide solutions to replace imported products.


  • Producing concentrates and hemodialysis equipment with international quality standards and at relatively cheaper prices.
  • Providing fast and reliable services to reach all existing health service facilities.
  • Providing convenience in services by prioritizing the interests of the sufferer.


  • Reducing the use of imported products to expand new jobs.
  • Prioritizing the interests of health service facility partners in Indonesia so that they can continue to develop in the era of the BPJS regime.
  • Improve relations with all stakeholders, both government and non-government institutions.